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Monday, October 17, 2011

Observing Spaces

We all shift from one space to the other during the entire day. By space i mean My room, My Bathroom, My breakfast table, My car, My office, My cabin, In the Atm, At the shop, In the elevator, At restaurant, At Canteen, In the bus, My Bedroom, At the Cafeteria, My study room,.........etc. 
In each of these spaces we perform various tasks, interact with with various things, we interact changes, our behavior changes,  expectation changes, goals & needs changes.

Good starting point to understand what all spaces people shift during their day. What activities they perform, goals & what all interactions takes place.  
For eg: Commuting daily to office in a driver driven car for 40-60 mins.......what interactions takes place there, what are the needs, goals.