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Friday, May 7, 2010

Design & Innovation resources- April 2010
Hey Everybody........
Here are some articles that I found interesting in the month of April.

1. An Article about GO JIYO (India's first 3D virtual reality world by Godrej). Check Article
2. Economist came out with a special report on innovation in emerging markets. Check Article
3. Accenture's group COO talks about key issues companies are facing post recession, growth opportunities for businesses in emerging markets and how business of consulting is changing. Check Article
4. Check out this amazing article by IIMB faculty about competition. Check Article
5. Check out Ideaken.......(Inspired from Innocentive?). Link
6. Check out the great talk by Prof. Anil Gupta (Honey Bee Network) at TED India. Link

Was wondering what type of Design & Business Model will be needed for these grassroot innovations inorder to make them commercially successful.

7. Micromax has become India's 3rd largest mobile phone vendor. check out its story & what approach they undertook to compete. Check Article'
8. Blackberry is facing intense competition from other Smart phones. Check out how they plan to compete. Check Article
9. Check out how IBM's virtual supercomputer is tapping unused processors of half a million people like you & me for scientific research. Check Article
10. Is Innovation Overrated. Is Imitation better for fast paced & successful growth. Check out an article on Imitation economy. Check Article
11. Check out a product design company with a different approach & business model. Check Article
12. Great Article on How Designers Think.......Check Article
13. Is Geo Location the next big thing in social media. Check Article
14. Talking about Geo Location.....Here's an article discussing whether opportunities & relevance that Foursquare offers for Business. Check Article
15. Will Smart Lenses be the Bluetooth headsets for future? Check out
16. How to Design for China. Jan Chipchase & Mark Rolston of Frog Design discusses. Check Article
17. Post It turns 30. Check Article


Monday, May 3, 2010

Rethinking Match Box Category

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While looking for a matchbox during a powercut a thought came to my mind.
When was the last time we heard of some Innovation in the Inexpensive Matchbox (per unit cost around 50 paisa) category.
What are the possibilities of re-thinking how a matchbox is used, bought, distributed, perceived & manufactured. What if we were to change the meaning that Matchbox as a product offers - from a functional product used by the masses to light to being a fashionable item collected by the classes.
What will be the Business implications...........will it open new market space for the Industry, Improve Margins, Boost Demand.
What design elements we can use to achieve this objective. What Business Model changes will likely to be Implemented.