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Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's common between Aravind Eye Care & Rocket Singh movie

Hi there everybody...

Now what is common between Aravind Eye Care & a new Hindi feature film Rocket Singh.
I recently saw the talk of Thulasiraj Ravilla from Aravind & also happen to catch Rocket Singh.
Happen to notice things which were very similar in both of them.
Here are the common points :

  • Having a Sense of Purpose
  • Being User Centric
  • Having a Passion to excel
  • Persistence to face challenges & Innovate
  • Challenging the current industry mindset

I believe both of these are unique case studies in Design Thinking. Below is the talk Thulasiraj Ravilla from Aravind eye care recently being posted on TED. For Rocket Singh you can catch the movie at a theatre near you.