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Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to kill an Idea : Focus Group

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Have a look at the following Videos showcasing How Ideas get killed during Focus groups. 
I remember reading somewhere about Henry Ford saying that if I had asked people they would have said that we need faster horse. Similar would have been the case with Walkman, Ipod and other products. Thats where Design Reserach (to capture insights on what customer wants) & Validation tools come in handy and the overall notion of distinctive value (whether the new idea/product/service will be able to provide differentiated value to customers which is not being met by any other product/service as of now)

Have a look at the Videos.



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ideas Project & Tim Brown on the shift from being Consumers to Participants

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Ideas Project, a project of Nokia hosted at,is bringing together the most  visionary and influential "big thinkers" to contemplate the big ideas that matter most to the future of communications. It is a new kind of conversation platform aimed at uncovering the connections between these thought leaders and their disruptive ideas.

Tim Brown recently discussed his Big Idea that Communication Technology is Converting Consumers into Participants. As he puts it, a great service is not defined as something where the customer remains passive but as something where customers act as participants. For Eg as he has written on his blog- Consumers should be encouraged to participate in being healthy through creation of more platforms such as E medical records, offering people to take control of his/her  health.

     I feel there is a similarity between the Idea proposed by Seth Godin of people joining Tribes/communities for a meaning & being relevant & in Tim Brown's Idea of Consumers becoming participants. Both of these Ideas encourage companies to be Meaningful, Stand for something, Involve customers as a part of creation & delivery process at the same time these Ideas also reflect the greater notion of Customers Joining for Meaning rather than only satisfying their tangible need & I guess these ideas in a way reflect the new marketing principles, that Customers will be looking for Meaning, being able to Participate & be relevant.

Have a look at the following videos of Tim Brown as he discusses his Idea on Idea Project.For Seth Godin talk see the previous post. You can also submit your Big Idea to & have a chance to win Nokia N95.

Thanks  to Byron for informing about Ideas Project.




Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seth Godin at TED

Challenge the Status Quo, Stand/be a part for something, Bring a change, Become a part of Tribe. 

Have a look at the following talk by Seth Godin at Ted discussing next big thing in marketing as customers constantly looking for meaning by being part of a group. 



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tim Brown & Roger Martin on Global Business BBC

Design Thinking & Integrative Thinking
Peter Day (BBC Global Business) in Conversation with Tim Brown & Rotman's Roger Martin.