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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Design & Innovation Resources -Feb 2010

Hey Everybody

Its been an eventful month with lots of happening in the design world. Here are some of the links that i found interesting from the world of design.

1. Jan end saw the launch of Apple I-Pad. Robert Fabricant provides his views as to why the Ipad is the GAMES changer. check link

2. FastCompany is out with its list of World's Most Innovative Companies. Check Link

3. Design Observer posted an Inspiring interview with Anil Gupta of the National Innovation Foundation highlighting his initiatives to discover & help Grassroot Innovators in India. Check Link

4. Seth Godin posted a good post on 'Random rules for ideas worth spreading'. Check Link

5. BBC website is in the midst of revamping its website. Here is the story of the creation of its new global visual language . Check Link

6. Ideo came out with a new mobile application of their method cards. Check Link

7. Stanford D School uploaded a talk of Prof. Bernie Roth, one of the's founders talking about how design has changed over the years from design of objects to design of almost everything. Check link

8. FastCompany in its latest magazine has couple of great articles. Check out this one 'Business advice from Van Halen' (Can we set up systems wherein problems would surface automatically before they actually occur. Reminds me of Poka Yoke system in my Kaizen Class). Check link

9. The Finance Minister of India recently presented his budget. Here is a Infographic of the budget. Check link.

10. I found this useful article about Ten ways to measure Design Success by DMI. Check link


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