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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Airports for Frequent flyers

hey Everybody

Recently got shifted to new city.
Also Recently saw the amazing Up in the Air movie.

While I was at the Airport, I wondered how would people who fly atleast 150 days or more in a year (in the movie the character played by George Clooney spend most of the year flying) would feel everytime they visit airports.
What is an Airport to them - a pit stop to relax & rewind or an unnecessary & tiring stopover? How can the experience of airport be defined by them.
Do they look forward to visit the same airport multiple times in a year?.........How can airports be designed to provide new experiences to frequent travelers visiting same airport multiple times in a year?
Do these guys value time & speed to leisure & experience?........
Can there be quick airports with entry into airport & boarding into plane in 15 min flat & with no shop/food courts - taking inspiration from low cost airlines model.

just some thoughts

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