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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kindle 2: Is it User focused

Kindle 2  launched recently.

Design thinking involves focusing on User's needs - discovering their latent needs & developing products accordingly. Lets see if the newely launched Kindle 2 focusing on user needs.

Here are some Pros & Cons 

Here Pros refer to the value which the users may be looking for and helps them meet their unarticulated needs
and Cons refer to the undelivered value to Users. 

So what are the Pros
1. Easy downloading of the book via free wireless access
2. Large memory holds 1500 books than the original version holding 200
3. Gets Sync with other devices that can hold text files.
4. New & Improved Design: Easy to read & lighter too.

So whats the Cons
1. Content can be bought from Amazon only:  We talk about focusing on user's needs. here I think Amazon has focussed on its business interest allowing books only to be downloaded from This in a way provides opportunity for other companies to allow users to download from any site thereby providing value which users care. 
2. Cost : At a $ 359 it is considered costly and even compared to some netbooks pC's. 

Let's see what the user thinks in the coming period which will be shown by sales