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Friday, September 4, 2009

Design Challenge for India

Hi Everyone.
Recently I visited Mumbai. While we crossed the bridge, admiring the engineering marvel, couple of us started discussing that the transition from being a developing country to a developed country has finally happened for India. As we went ahead, we noticed lot of people standing in the middle of the road & amidst a huge traffic Jam.
An accident had taken place a while back of a motorcyclist. The rider was lying unconscious in the middle of the road with many people surrounding him. Apprantley it turned out that people were ready to help but did'nt know what to do. Luckily after a while a lady doctor who was crossing the scene, stopped by & helped. It turned out that the motorcyclist had a fracture too. After a while he was taken to the hospital.

Healthcare it seems is one of the biggest design challenge that India faces at present. 'What to do' when a person is faced with an accident/ medical emergencies. How can every Indian be educated in basic first aid knowledge of handling emergencies. How can we turn Ignorance into Empowerment that can save someone else life when every seconds count. What businesses can emerge in this field.

I think everyone (especially Design thinkers) should take notice of this problem & provide ways to turn Ignorance into empowerment.

Photosource: Self