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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hi  Guys

Its been long since I have not posted anything. So what i was busy doing .Well just got my hands on SETH GODIN"S FREE PRIZE INSIDE.

To start with, this is based on Soft INNOVATION.


SOFT INNOVATION --- WHAT'S THAT (come on don’t throw another JARGON??)


Well if you look at Innovation people normally think innovation to be a process which includes huge planning, massive investment, huge R&D efforts to find that unique IDEA that your competitors cannot even dream of……………


Well One thing is that in this fast (& i really mean fast) changing world, do we the time to invest, if not billion but millions  into ideas, have years of R&D efforts & still not sure about the probability of getting success. Don’t get me wrong---- companies like heavy engineering, IT, etc employing great scientists & professionals do need that kind of effort for national prosperity but other companies specially those which are in service can they innovate FAST & with little money to spend.


WELL, they can do that by giving FREE PRIZES as mentioned by SETH GODIN in this book.

Free Prize according to book refers to thing which makes the product remarkable & induces the customers to buy your product. Why do you think calcium Sandoz comes in bottle that looks like dog, why do u think kellogs has choclate cornflakes in shapes of PLANET & STARS

or even better why do you think Mc.D happy meal offers toys. The reason is that these soft innovation make these products remarkable, they induce their Target customers to buy them and more importantly they make these products stand out from rest & create a buzz.

The book discusses that we should make efforts to make our products, services, our careers remarkable by offering many of these free prizes.

The book also has sections on how to SELL your Ideas & has tricks that can be used that can be used to sell the ideas. After all many people may have great ideas but normally when they tell these to their managers they are turned down and thus the whole creativity goes down the drain and the individual looses hope.

The book also has a motivational element to it by forcing the reader to take initiatives.


Book also give some Ideas on creating these free prizes.


Overall enjoyed reading this book. Teaches you a lot and takes a different perspective on Innovation which is worth noticing.


Till next time

Post in how you are making your Job, product, service or Yourself Remarkable



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