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Monday, September 29, 2008

YOUR VIEWS MATTER - But Mode to Express Them Also Matter

Alright everybody - this is a picture of a feedback collection box that I saw near Spencer's. We all have seen lots of similar boxes kept  at various places in offices, retail stores, colleges (ya mine had that!!)...

These could be of different names....Some call it Feedback boxes, Idea boxes, Suggestion boxes, etc, but the sole purpose of all these is to get a response from  people (consumer, employee, etc).

 OK we are in democratic country and everyone can  express & must express themselves.                  But I wonder how many of us really do give feedback or have dropped our suggestions, feedbacks, ideas in these boxes even if we want to.

mmm.... Why is it....time constraint???

I think the problem lies in the fact that the way in which feedback is obtained seems to cumbersome (considering there are other lazy people like me). I mean even If I have to give a feedback, i find it way to cumbersome to write & drop.

So (Mr. LAZy what do you suggest)

I guess there has to be a technique through which

 1. People are excited to give feedback

2. People are given Incentives for their feedback

3. Others can comment on their feedback & discuss


(let me scratch my head more...)

4. People can actually see how their feedback are being actually taken by companies & implemented 


Some of the Innovation in feedback channel that have clicked are Starbucks, IBM JAM’s.

I am not saying that websites are the only channel through which people like to give feedback but can we take the same convenience & fun of that channel & implement in normal real life scenario.

Consider this Everybody likes to be heard & often suggestions are free which you & your company can take & improve at the same time making the person who gave suggestions feel great thus improving morale, trust , loyalty!!.

 Till Next time

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