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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ideas for Change

Hi everyone

With Population levels continuously rising in our Cities, there is sense of worry & urgency shown by world leaders to reduce its harmful effects on the planet.

Bill Clinton & Al Gore have already initiated projects & are also making people aware of these effects.

Have a look at Bill Clinton’s Climate Initiative Video 

Here is Al Gore’s Presentation from TED 2009.

 So, apart from these, which Ideas/initiatives are being thought which will help generate awareness & avoid these effects. I think the problem here is not only to care about environment but to show care about humans & society at large which will bring a social mindset to create a change. So apart from collecting ideas that are aimed at solving environmental issues, I decided to collect ideas aimed at helping people. Be it helping them to be more efficient, more productive, solving their problems, etc. 

My next post will comprise some of the ideas so collected. I’ll call it Ideas for change.

Also, this is the 100th post of our blog & as they say it all started with An Idea