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Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Should We Do Next?

Ok, Now…let me ask some questions

What's the future of your company? What's your next big Idea? What's the next big market/ customer group you are likely to have? What should you offer next? Where is next growth coming in from?

In short you must be asking the following question too

What should we do next?

Many companies are facing this problem. The question is not How to do it but What to do, what to make, what to offer to customer?

Consider one of the Hypothetical Situation:

You are running a Famous burger chain & have been enjoying growth for a couple of years. But as years go by you tend to notice that consumers are starting to get bored of the same menu at the same time competition has step in to the market.

Now you wish to counter competition at the same time increase your consumer base. You have the resources available but the problem is you are not able to decide


Many companies are resorting to design strategy in similar situations.

In a Short film created on Design Strategy, famous Design & Innovation consultancy Continuum explains the process of Design Strategy as a resonance of what is meaningful for customer & what is beneficial for your business. The video include the process which Design Studios follow inorder to decide What should the client do next? (Whether introduce new product, service, have new distribution network, etc)

Have a look at this video