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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reimagining Newspaper & Print Publication

In May, New York Times (online)posted an article about revival efforts needed for Wired Magazine and what steps the team is taking. ( There has been a talk recently about a need to re look how newspaper operate inorder to develop solutions which are beneficial for newspaper industry. Now, Why is the print media (newspaper & magazine) not doing well in present times when people are educated, likes to be informed and at the same time curious. In times when being Informed is necessary and people seek information, newspaper & print media are not doing well.

Have a look at what Larry Keeley of Doblin is saying with regards to the same problem & what newspaper & print media seems to have missed.

So are people doing something about the issue. Well yes, Some people have already taken initiatives.

Have a look at this presentation on Innovation in Newspapers. The videos provide examples from The Strait, The Daily Telegraph & Florida Today highlighting some initiatives they are taken.

Jacek Utko gave presentation in this year's TED on how he redesigned the newspaper resulting in increase in circulation.

So what else we can do. Is there a shift needed in the business model, do we need to look at new buyer segment, do newspaper need to be more personalized, etc

Can design thinking save the newspaper Industry. let's think about it.



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