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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Design Thinking & Innovation Update

Hi Everyone

It’s been a great Design & Innovation week. Here are couple of Interesting Information from the field of Innovation & Design.

1. A fine line - Hartmut Esslinger's (founder of Frog Design) book a fine line is out. The book offers a step-by-step overview of the innovation process from targeting goals to shepherding new products and services to the marketplace in order to reveal how to arrive at an authentic human design that connects strongly with consumers. One of the chapter is available on the site ( Having gone through it, the book seems to highlight the changing role Design is playing in not only designing products or services but being increasingly used by companies to Innovate & earn profits.

Check out the video of Hartmut Esslinger.

2. Guy Kawasaki explains the Art of Innovation in 10 steps at Cisco Live. Check it out.

3. DMI Rebranding - Design Management Institute has undergone rebranding. Check it out how they did it (

A Great Article was published by DMI on Business week talking about how Innovation strategy, brand strategy & design strategy being practiced together makes design as one of the primary idea generators for the creation of viable business platforms.

Check the article at (

4. Building Innovation radar MIT Sloan School of Management visiting professor Alan MacCormack explains about how to create Innovation Radar for companies to innovate constantly. Check out the Podcast at which he give examples of Intel & organization resorting to student competitions to create Innovation radars.

5. D.Light- In Pune we spotted Dlight's all purpose portable lamp at a local Super market. D light is a solar powered lighting company that came out of Stanford D School. The company adopts design thinking philosphy & has the purpose of providing light for 100 million products by 2020. The company operates in India, China & East Africa.

6. Created Indian Design & Innovation Group at wenovski. Wenovski is a global network of Design & Innovation Thinkers.

Check it out at Would appreciate if you would join.