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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reframing - A key skill of a Design Thinker

Reframing.....Reframing is one of the key skills of a Design thinker. Reframing involves a break from the traditional way of seeing things & framing in new context to generate new ideas. Reframing helps in generating new ways to create value which others may have missed. Eg: At the time when digital music download was considered as piracy and many were against it, Apple reframed the problem as to how to provide digital music, be legal & at the same time generated business value from it. An Indian Example is how J.K Tripathy of Trichy Police reframed the issue of police deriving power from the constitution to deriving power from people & developing a community policing system leading to drop in crime rates. Another example could be the Carpooling System(Mega Car Pool) in Delhi reframing a question of people driving alone leading to more cars & pollution with how can people help each other in reaching a place at the same time earning incentives.

Patrick Witney (Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology) talked about Reframing & its Importance at the inauguration of the recently conducted Innovation Summit. Here’s the video of the same.

Give it a Thought how can you reframe the problems around you & convert it into Opportunities. James Moed of Ideo has written an article on Reframing Recession.

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