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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Start Paying salary to your Boss!!!!

Just a thought came to my mind. Why the employer has to pay employee??

I mean can there be a model wherein instead of employer paying the employee, the employee pays to employer.

(Man this guy is totally nuts!!)

It works like this : The employer will be providing a pool of resources from which the employee will decide what to choose. If you look at it, this model can be a extension of present  focus of companies which are trying to infuse an element of entrepreneurability in employees and acting like resource providers.

The only difference is that instead of being paid by employer, the employee has to pay him (out of profit generated) for using resources.

(But we dont generate profit instantly???)

Well the intricacies of this model can be worked out but lets see what are the benefits.

  The benefit:

For Employer : Minimum wastage of Time & energy.

                             No need for HR function- only highly enthusiastic people will apply

                             Will act as resource provider

                            Will play a role of connecting other enthusiasts


For Employee: Chance to meet with other enthusiasts

                            No red tapism & bureaucracy

                            Fast learning


For Nation:  Productivity very high

                       Minimum Wastage

                       Innovative products & services generated


Think about it.



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