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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Asking Why?

Hi guys    

Now one of the attributes noticed in Innovators seems be their ability to challenge the current mindsets to bring about a change. Their ability to question Why something exist or not exist helps them provide answers with new & better solutions.

I got this 4 page brochure of Lenovo ThinkPad describing the evolution of  Think pad over the years with one thing in common, the makers ability to ask WHY constantly inorder to come up with new solutions.

So the company asked:

1.    1.   Why Design a computer like a computer(bulky & boxy)? So engineers gave the solution in terms of a laptop being able to fit in office drawers.

2.    2.   Why Put a computer to sleep when the lights go off? And the solution that came was Thinklight--an LED on top of screen.

3.    3.  Why should the mouse stay away from the keyboard?? And the solution was the red button allowing users to move the cursor without removing fingers from keyboard.

4.    4.   Why should the keyboard shrink with the Monitor? And the solution was a butterfly keyboard split into two blocks that expanded into a comfortable full sized keyboard when laptop was opened.

5.   5.  Why should a notebook shed its features when it sheds its weight? The result is a thin laptop having all the necessary features.

So what’s the moral of story

Ask questions to create & change