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Friday, October 17, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt?


Hi Everybody

A friend of mine told me about the concept of WHERE THE HELL IS MATT.
Now what it is. 

Matt is a 32 year old guy from Connecticut who goes around the world dancing in his particular style with people joining him.
It goes like this Matt travels, dances badly, people joins, video is uploaded on You tube.The videos have become Internet Phenomenan with millions of Hits(over 30 million!!). Talk about brining people together, presenting in unique way, having fun at the same time travelling all around the globe. 

The main thing I noticed is that people no matter of which country wants to come along and be a part of something in which they feel togetherness and happiness. Big learning for brands/companies is that if they can  provide these basic traits to their customers, they can be most loved company. Any company able to do that. Eg: VIRGIN

Below are two videos 
1.The dancing Video

2.Matt explaining the concept(watch his presentation with lots of drawings
similar concept i disscussed recently of The back of Napkin book)


Check it out & dance