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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back of the Seat

Hi guys
Back from holidays
So have i spotted anything...Well yes

New seats & Advertising in B.E.S.T buses of Mumbai.
Behind the back of every new seat an ad is placed which is(for a change) not pasted but inserted in the frame.

So What’s the value to B.E.S.T and travelers.
Value to B.E.S.T- revenue generation which can be used to further subsidize the ticket
Value to travelers-  Seats now are more comfortable.

As you have noticed, B.E.S.T department has taken several new initiatives in recent times ,Be it installing small LCD screens with USB playing ads or the current new seats with ads inserted.

Any problem noticed....

Well yes -- as i mentioned the ads are inserted inside a frame and not pasted...what is happening is that unauthorized people are pasting their ads on top of it. So there is a problem that the paid ad goes unnoticed at the same time in longer term many paid advertisers may shy away from resorting to this type of advertising.

So what to do???
I am inviting you to send some ideas on how we can stop unauthorized ads being pasted over the paid ones and can there be any incentives given to paid advertisers on using such medium.