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Friday, November 14, 2008

Learnings from Children

While going through my PC, I got this Japanese ad which talks about nurturing child's creativity. On the eve of Children's day, I’d like to put some thoughts on things that we can learn from children and at the same time should encourage them to imagine infinite possibilities.


Two main things that we can learn from children:

1. Imagine- Sound simple but I think as we grow up we stop imagining of the various possibilities that can be. Instead of thinking of possibilities we think of constraints. Children imagine, be it like drawing a picture of an alien & human together, to next generation car that can fly, etc. Imagination is the core of innovation. Unless we will learn how to Imagine from a child, I guess we will only care about resource usage and not resource creation.


2. I am not afraid of being called Stupid: Children love to show their ideas, dress, full face with makeup on, etc. They are not afraid of being called a stupid. But if we look at adults as we grow older the resistance to share our ideas, do crazy things & invent something minimizes. So I guess we need to learn their ability to share without bothering about what others say.


I think both these things serve as foundation of Design thinking & Innovation. Unless we start Imagining we will not be able to come out with idea/concept/product which may help us to get ahead of competition or may open up new possibilities. The other is to share ideas with each other without being afraid of being told that you have a stupid idea. Nearly all great products that we see today were stupid ideas, cause only stupid ideas become game changing ideas which break status quo.(For eg: Carrying 1000 songs in your pocket!!!- IPOD). I guess what we need is learn how to sell/convince others & help them notice the value that we are trying to show that’s in our Ideas (to learn that read Free prize inside by Seth Godin).

So imagine & share ideas cause you are Unique and as Children rightly think You have the power to change the world.


Happy Children's Day

Have fun & play to Innovate


Source: Google & You Tube