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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Branded Paan!!!

Hi all

Creativity & innovation often involves selling the same old product but adding value to it inorder to differentiate it from the rest.

Heard about this Paan [a South and South East Asian tradition which consists of chewing Betel leaf (Piper betle) combined with the areca nut] shop in Pune which serves 32 different types of Paan (including Chocolate Paan!!)

Now if we look at Paan in India, it has turned into a commodity with many small shops selling it in every nook & corner of India.Normally they have  paan costing around Rs 7-8.

a normal Paan shop in India

So whats so special about this store that consumers are paying around Rs.12 for a paan!!

First lets have a look what normal paan shops look like in India.

Lack of proper Ambience: To sum it up its not something people along with their wives & children love to visit.

Lack of Variety: One can have only particular types of Paans.

Main Target group: The main visitor to normal Paan store are Men, so normally Paan have Tobacco, etc not suitable for kids/other members of families


So what’s different with this store & what they have done to convert a commodity into a brand


Ambience: This was a proper store, customers were given menu which included different varieties of Paan & the atmosphere of the place was friendly, properly lit  & open, something which consumers (along with family members) may not shy away from coming.

Variety: The store offered 32 varieties of Paan which were listed on a menu catering to each member of family (Chocolate paan for kids, one with tobacco for men, etc)

Target Group: Apart from men, shop focused on having offerings for ladies & kids (often neglected by normal shops).

In addition to this the store packed the Paan in proper packing with their name which ultimately acted as source of branding & help in spreading word about them.

In the end the store has converted a normal commodity into a brand and has moved into blue ocean away from its competitors.


ImagesSource :Google & Self taken