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Friday, November 28, 2008

Community Policing

Hi all

Right now as we all know rescue operation is going on in Mumbai to flush out Terrorists from Hotels & Nariman House. Couple of things crossed my mind & I kind of thought that how can we make our cities & countries moresafer. I remembered an example that somebody narrated to me about J.K Tripathy and the policemen of Trichy & other cities of Tamil Nadu (southern state of India).

Based on the notion that in society only 5 percent are deviants but we tend to alienate 95%, He has utilized the 95%(which involve normal people) & through their help have been able devise a system where police through the help of normal public are been able to restore law, order & bring peace. 

His idea of a beat system after studying concepts of British Bobbies & Japanese Koban system of policing where police officers are seen as a gentle brother has helped in redefining the perception of local police officers who now have more participation & co-operation from local people in maintaining harmony. Bringing Officers closer to community, he has increased participation from local people in providing & discussing any information with each other that may prevent any mishap.

For the efforts Trichy Police has been awarded & are also been taken up as a case study.

But an improve cooperation & understanding among Police & people, i guess is the biggest award.


Keeping the spirit of Mumbai alive