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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 guys & 100 bottles of water

Got this video from You tube

The title is 2 dudes 100 bottles of water


The concept is that these guys are sending water bottles to Ghana with people writing inspirational & love messages on bottles.

Lesson: By writing messages on bottles these guys are personalizing the offering at the same time connecting (making emotional bond) both donor & receiver. Now consider the same concept applied to day to day products/services with emotional elements added to it. With more and more products & services coming into the market, I think whoever is able to connect with their Target customer at emotional level will be able to connect, create & generate loyalty. I think that’s why IBM has infused these experiential & emotional elements even to their sales pitch process.(Read article below)

 Thats precisely i think what design thinking aims to do. By knowing & connecting with customers it aims to solve their problems(which results in creation of emotional bonding) & is totally customer focused which results in creating loyalty from customers.

May be There are other ways to connect with your customers emotionally.  Mention if you know any.


Connect +Create + Generate