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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Insights from India

Hi guys

A friend on mine gave me this picture & a video which she took while she visited Jammu, India.

The picture is taken in a temple of Jammu showcasing an instrument having temple bells, dhol, etc.  What it does is that since there is only one priest in the temple, he uses this instrument for doing aarti (songs sung in praise of the deity, when offering of lamps is being offered). 

                                      Instead of having lot of people(which are normally required) for ringing bells, dhol, etc during aarti, the priest operates this instrument which has been designed in such a way that it can be used single handedly to ring bells, dhol, etc while doing Aarti.

An example showcasing how design most often originates out of Need & a desire to solve problems with limited resources.

Also a great example of multi tasking. Think of ways how we can devise such things in offices, etc.    

The second thing is a video showcasing leaf being used as a tattoo. This is also taken in Jammu. A real, organic Tattoo and may be a opportunity to design a business of Organic Tattoos like this.


Incidently She informed me about an interesting Insight which she had observed in several temples. She noticed that bells are normally hung in line, in such a way that if you swing one bell & let it hit another one, than that will hit another one and so on leading to a Domino effect. So one person, in one go can ring all bells.

I guess after this conversation & as mentioned by her, India is full of interesting insights & other useful innovations to be noted. 

Thanks to Seema