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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Innovative way to get people early to office

Hi people, now what benefit could a company have if its people come to office early.

1. they are refreshed
2. they dont get stuck in peak hour traffic jams
3. The company saves cost on petrol of its buses while they are stuck in traffic jams
4. People of other offices  & in general don't get late cause chances of a congestion on road reduces and as a result the nation saves a lot of petrol & time.

But the problem is how to get people early to office without enforcing  punishinment. Same problem was faced by India's Top Information Technology Company Infosys. Working on a Collaborative project with Stanford university (Instant- A Infosys Stanford Traffic project) they reframed the problem of people do not wanting to come to office early by how they can make people come to office early. 
Instead of punishing latecomers they developed an incentive system which pays monetary incentives(AT THE END OF EACH MONTH)to people who reaches early. 

How does it work 
1. The project works on points which are credited to people who come early (before 8:30 a.m).
2. The points are accumalated and at the end of month a computerized lottery choose two early comers who earned 20 points who are rewarded Rs. 12000 each while four others are given Rs. 6000 each. 

But whats the advantage  
1. Saving on fuel worth Rs. 20000 everyday
2. Manpower not fatigued & refreshed

How has been the response 
Since the start of project in October, it has attracted about 3000 new early commuters & around 500 earlycommers have already been awarded.

We often say that problems cannot be solved, but i guess if we just try to focus on 
user's needs & motives (here early commuters) than I guess every problem whether big or small
will be solved & the outcome will be enjoyed by whole society. 


Source of Article: Times of India   
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