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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Books & Ads

Hi Everyone

Thought of Compiling some of the best books & ads  related to Innovation,design thinking & Creativity.

So here goes the list

1. The back of the napkin: Dan Roam – Amazing  book teaching how to solve problems using Visuals

2. Free prize Inside : Seth Godin – Useful book showcasing how to sell Ideas & showcasing how selling of ideas are even more important than having Ideas.

3. Game Changer: AG Lafley & Ram Charan : Useful book showcasing how AG Lafley & his team made P&G great again using  design thinking.

4. Blue Ocean Strategy:  W.Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne: Useful in understanding how to create uncontested markets

5. How to Have Creative Ideas: Edward De Bono : Useful for having different great Ideas.

6. Breakthrough Ideas: Compilation of 15 Harvard Business School Articles : Useful articles that defines businesses today

7. Change Management: V.Nilakant & S. Ramnarayan : Very useful book teaching how to bring change in the Company without resistance & altering the mindsets.

8. Outside Innovation: Patricia Seybold : Useful in understanding how to  co create with customers & what role they have to play.

9. The circle of Innovation: Tom Peters : Useful in understanding why innovation is important & what each of us should do.



Some List of Ads that

1.  Japanese ad council - imagination: talks about how important is it to harness imagination of others.


2.Honda : Talking about how to hate something so bad that you want bring a change, a useful trait of innovators


3. Ibm :
 Talking about how apart from Thinking, Execution is important for innovation & bringing a change, so stop thinking & start doing


4. Ibm : One more from IBM,
  this one I really liked......talks about coming together and building new smart companies, solutions for greener environment & joining together with your ideas & making a difference.


5. BMW ad : Important lesson to always push the boundaries of what we know & what is possible


6. Johnny walker:
  Talks about how important it is to take the first step & initiate. Very useful Trait of Innovators & entrepreneurs.


7. Nasdaq: talking about how innovators needs to be visionary, have flexible approach & be innovative to build great companies


8. Toyota ad : featuring traits of innovators like visionary thinking, continuous improvement, etc


9. Apple :  2007 think different ad from Apple. Have a look. Amazing. Beleive & Think Different  

I ll be adding some more ads that talks about traits of Innovation, Design thinking & Creativity. Suggest if you know any.




Source: You tube