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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Community is Unity

Community forms the basis of human culture. Human interactions within and outside Community has been a reason for our development as well as for our destruction several times in course of human civilization. It has been very interesting how we have dwindled between importance and superiority of an Individual vis-à-vis Community. Communist government forms emerged with a great roar and died down with a great bang as well. They have been criticized immensely and got a way with the title of “Worst form of governance”. There are writings of several authors like Ayn Rand (We the Living and Atlas Shrugged) who have described how Communism appears to be for the well being of all but threatening for an individual’s existence.
In times whenever humanity has been attacked by humanity, Community Design has emerged as the need of time irrespective of the societal set up whether it is Democracy or Capitalism. The idea of Community thus seems inseparable from Individuals. Communist governments might have failed due to total negligence to Individualism but Individuals and Community will always exist together or they will never exist. My friend has discussed Community policing in the previous blog as of the solution for handling crime in the society. There are several other Community initiatives which can lead us to a closer to perfect society. The world of Business especially web world is even inspired from the Community concept and creating businesses around it. Few examples are Community websites like Orkut and Facebook. The recent initiatives and discussed in one of the blogs below is by Tata Tea which trying to sow seeds of awareness and responsibility in masses by a Communityinitiative. Another very good example is Community Matters, an addition to new age journalism: Citizen Journalism. I came to know about it through on an article titled “Citizen Journalism finds a new platform: the Web” in newspaper Mint on Thursday, November 20th. The article discusses genesis of this website called Citizen Matters which is an online interactive web magazine. This magazine is driven completely by Community contribution and is a hot spot for local news in Bangalore to the extent that 2-3 newspapers keep a constant watch on the content published by it. This magazine is a good example how Individuals can create and participate in Community initiatives for successful social or business initiatives. Let us realise that existence of Individual and Community is mutual.

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