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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Providing Feedback & infusing Openess

"How did I performed in the Presentation Today”

“ Was I speaking Too fast during client meet”


In case you gave the presentation, Wouldn't it help you to know the answers to above questions.

How often we have felt that organizations should be more Humane and our Peers should be more Open in giving feedback or Guidance instead of being diplomatic.


Now whether one is in Organization, School or College everybody wants to know how they are doing in job, how they are performing, in which areas they are lacking.

Genuine Feedbacks by fellow colleagues can go a long way in helping an individual to figure out what to do & what not to do.

 Role Feedback (like above) can play may be:

To Employees: Bringing Clarity leading to high self confidence, knowing inadequacies  spotted by others providing a chance for improvement, serve as guidance for self improvement.

To Employers: Clarity among employees boosts their morale and ultimately leads to high performance thus customer’s satisfaction & more profits. 


Noticing this insight that Genuine & Open Feedbacks are so important and can help both employees & employers (I take this opportunity to admit and also blow my own trumpet that couple of us also noted this Insight & decided to create something), has been created providing a chance to employees & employers to express about each there in the form of Simple feedbacks. 

Rypple is a platform where the user(employer or employee) asks a question of not more than 100 words (short & sweet, similar to Twitter) For Eg:

"How did I perform at presentation today"

The question is then emailed to specified people who inturn provides their feedback. The responses are kept anonymous so that, employees cannot tell who has made them thus providing a chance to respondent to express freely.


Platforms like Rypple are infusing an element of openness and building a culture of expression & learning within the organization.

Anything other, you can do in your organization to infuse the same elements other than using Rypple:

1.       How about placing a white board at a place wherein employees can come in & write questions with respondents coming in writing as anonymous thus providing feedback. (note the location where the board has to kept is important).

 2.       How about placing a white board in the elevators & managers posting questions for employees to respond while they are using elevators. A fun way to respond at the same time utilizing time of employees while they are in elevators.


I think with Economic Downturn, companies needs to infuse elements of Openness and tools like those mentioned above will help in bringing Clarity, increased team spirit, performance & thus high morale among employees leading to high & quick performance.    


 Have a look at the information below of Rypple.



Rypple Introduction from Rypple on Vimeo.