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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ladies Only

Hi Guys

A while ago in one of the articles i had written about FORCHE- a ladies only taxi service in Mumbai.

A similar concept has been launched in Pune- a cab service exclusively for women by the name of LET THEM DRIVE.

So apart from being safe & secure and only for women, is there anything other these services delivers. 

I guess one of the important thing that these services have done is that they have created a new market catering to specific target audience (only women) and because it is focussed on only specific target audience, all the elements  of service are developed keeping them in mind. What it does it that not just it is easy to design it delights the consumer as well.(Forsche offers its women-only passengers a mini make-up kit that includes a mirror, nail polish remover, cotton buds, clippers and nail files!!!!)  

Very often Designers & Marketers are faced with the classic question on whether to design, develop & offer products and services for wide variety of audience or to design products/services & offer to limited target audience which best meets his/her needs.

I guess the question remains to be answered

However Apart from being safe & Secure, I think these cab services are doing one more thing & that is 
to EMPOWER women(since the drivers are also women).

Photosource: Hindu Businessline