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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creative Ideas for In-flight expereinces for Virgin America

Hi everybody,
Got this video from PSFK of Charles Ogilvie talking about how he designed the Award winning Inflight Entertainment System for Virgin America. 

Have a look at this AMAZING video which highlights immense learning on how to design products & services and be the best. 

Notice, the methodology used is same as used by design thinkers to uncover opportunities.

Some important points noticed from the video to be kept in mind which I think will be useful while Innovating for products/ services, etc are:

- Understand Customer 
- Act as customer
- Emphathise with them in terms of what they need & Capture Pain Points/ Problems
- Think of the posiblities not matter how crazy it may sound in the first stance.
- Frame & Reframe the need: In this case these guys framed it as a entertainment system & reframed it as entertainment system with social networking capabilities.