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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dreaming the Impossible: Honda

Alright everybody. 
Honda has just released a documentary video titled Dreaming The impossible.

The first video talks about Failure which are the stepping stone of Success. 

The second Video is about Challenging yourself & others to convert the Impossible, Possible.

The third video is about envisioning how the mobility scenario will be in 2088!! (yes 2088).

Have a look at this amazing series to get inspired.

If you notice all the above traits are necessary for a Innovator or a challenger. 

1. How many times have you Failed
    Sochiro Honda said Success is 99% failure.  If you are not failing, I guess you are not doing anything. So while you are trying something new don't be afraid of failing cause failures are the stepping stone to success.

2. Challenging Yourself: How often do we challenge ourselves and other to do the impossible?

3. Dreaming: Do we dream? start dreaming and converting dreams into reality.