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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Innovation at P&G- interview with AG LAFLEY

Hi everyone 

A while ago, I posted about some books that I thought were extremely useful in understanding Innovation & how to achieve it. One of the book is THE GAME CHANGER by A.G LAFLEY & RAM CHARAN.It discusses how leaders can drive everyday Innovation in their companies & is a case study  of how A.G Lafley was able to Infuse Innovation through management & Design thinking into P&G and make it Great again.  

I got this interview of AG LAFLEY talking about Innovation at P&G and in particular how organisations no matter of what size do to infuse Innovation into their culture. 

Some points:
- Customer is the boss, engage with consumers- co create & co design
- Know Your Customers
- Have a process for gathering Ideas, making prototypes & testing with customers to obtain feedback
- Integrate innovation goals with business goals
- leaders to play a major role in creating a open culture, make connections & collaborate.

Have a look


Source: Youtube (video), Google image (picture)