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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Workshop : Innovation Toolkit

Hi Everyone

ElephantVersity Institute of Innovation is Organising a One day Workshop (Jan 14, 2009 in Pune, India) on- Innovation Toolkit being Facilitated by Zachary Jean Paradis of Sapient, U.S.A.

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the innovation process and is intended to show how select specific modes and frameworks work together to generate new ideas, opportunities, and strategic roadmaps. 
The sessions will cover the full range of the innovation process from understanding users, context, framing insights and exploring concepts to frame solutions and realize offerings. Useful tools and frameworks that support various modes in the innovation process will be introduced.

About Zachary Jean Paradis:  Zachary Jean Paradis is Experience Strategist with the design and technology consultancy Sapient and Adjunct Faculty at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design.

Fees: Rs. 2000

Contact Information for Workshop: +91 – 9921378687 or mail