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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bruce Sprinsteen - Working on a Dream

Bruce Springsteen recently released his album. 
One the songs i particulary like, its Working on a Dream.
Check song
here it is when bruce sang it at one of the functions:

check for original version

Pretty much every intiative , every little step,  a creative idea, an Innovation starts with a Dream. 
So lets do one thing. lets ask :what's your biggest Dream.

Post in with answer to one simple question:
Whats your biggest dream?
Lets ask people and post soon on what is their biggest dream. 

Its often said that everything starts with a Dream. so lets figure it out.


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Monday, January 26, 2009


Hi everyone.
Couple of things happening in the Idea space.
Bar Camp 5 will be organised on 1st Feb 2009, so all of you in & near Mumbai can look forward to presenting & networking with other idea enthusiasts. 

Economic Times has launched an Initiative titled The Power of Ideas inviting applications for business ideas. Upon selection, the participants will be provided mentoring by industry leaders before presented to a panel. The best ideas will be funded.

Keep Imagining


Saturday, January 24, 2009

T-mobile Dance

Hi everyone......
We have all heard of Flash mobs (large group of people who assemble suddenly in public space, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse). 
Brands are using Flash mobs to create exictement at the same time publicity through word of mouth. 
T-mobile used the concept of Flash mobs and created a live dance performance on liverpool station on 15th jan 2009. 350 performers came together, performed & dispersed and the whole performance was shot using hidden cameras.
The idea seem to be a hit with over million views on you tube since 15 jan 2009.
Have a look at the video & reactions of people.

So , I was just thinking can we use the concept of flash mobs to  create excitement and publicity for our brand or company. Imagine employees coming together and participating in an act may be at some function, tradeshow,etc (without others aware) thereby creating an excitement.



Thursday, January 22, 2009

Green Bags

Hi all
Recently i participated in Bar Camp & presented an Idea of having Green bags made up of Jute and using technology & social networking concepts to increase their usage instead of using the normal plastic. Well here is the presentation which I presented at the event. 

View more presentations or upload your own.

After the presentation we had a brainstorming session as to how we can make these bags & spread the word around.

Thanks to bhavya for uploading on slide share.
More about Pune Barcamp on


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bar Camp blog:3

Alright everybody 
I just had my presentation on the concept of Green Bags
 Integrating Technology & Social networking element so that 
more & more people should use Green Bags & avoid plastics. 

Looking at the number of questions & responses, the presentation seems to be good & idea seems to be a hit. 

right now a presenatation on Disaster Management is going on......So lets see what happens
but yes it was a birthday well spent.


Bar camp blog:2

Hi all 

i m back.  Internet Connection was down for a while.
So what all has happened. 
Couple of Interesting presentations been given.
Right now a great presentation is going about compiling all blogs of pune into one site so that it is  easy for others to see at one place. 

hey my presentation is next after lunch. ill write how it goes & whats the reaction.

will write soon 

Bar Camp

hi everybody 
right now attending the Bar camp session.
presently the first Idea is being presented on the concept of providing subscription based information of Utilities on mobile phone which people can access in nedd. 
proposed Target audience 
- people who are new to the city 
- travellers
- poeple looking for medications during emergency.

Some points been discussed right now:
- how it is different from Just dial which is currently providing all info. for free
- how about catering to a niche like doctors providing info about doctors in the locality with fees charged & with prices of medicines too. 

the next presenter is here. lets see what happens


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dreaming the Impossible: Honda

Alright everybody. 
Honda has just released a documentary video titled Dreaming The impossible.

The first video talks about Failure which are the stepping stone of Success. 

The second Video is about Challenging yourself & others to convert the Impossible, Possible.

The third video is about envisioning how the mobility scenario will be in 2088!! (yes 2088).

Have a look at this amazing series to get inspired.

If you notice all the above traits are necessary for a Innovator or a challenger. 

1. How many times have you Failed
    Sochiro Honda said Success is 99% failure.  If you are not failing, I guess you are not doing anything. So while you are trying something new don't be afraid of failing cause failures are the stepping stone to success.

2. Challenging Yourself: How often do we challenge ourselves and other to do the impossible?

3. Dreaming: Do we dream? start dreaming and converting dreams into reality. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creative Ideas for In-flight expereinces for Virgin America

Hi everybody,
Got this video from PSFK of Charles Ogilvie talking about how he designed the Award winning Inflight Entertainment System for Virgin America. 

Have a look at this AMAZING video which highlights immense learning on how to design products & services and be the best. 

Notice, the methodology used is same as used by design thinkers to uncover opportunities.

Some important points noticed from the video to be kept in mind which I think will be useful while Innovating for products/ services, etc are:

- Understand Customer 
- Act as customer
- Emphathise with them in terms of what they need & Capture Pain Points/ Problems
- Think of the posiblities not matter how crazy it may sound in the first stance.
- Frame & Reframe the need: In this case these guys framed it as a entertainment system & reframed it as entertainment system with social networking capabilities.



Innovation at P&G- interview with AG LAFLEY

Hi everyone 

A while ago, I posted about some books that I thought were extremely useful in understanding Innovation & how to achieve it. One of the book is THE GAME CHANGER by A.G LAFLEY & RAM CHARAN.It discusses how leaders can drive everyday Innovation in their companies & is a case study  of how A.G Lafley was able to Infuse Innovation through management & Design thinking into P&G and make it Great again.  

I got this interview of AG LAFLEY talking about Innovation at P&G and in particular how organisations no matter of what size do to infuse Innovation into their culture. 

Some points:
- Customer is the boss, engage with consumers- co create & co design
- Know Your Customers
- Have a process for gathering Ideas, making prototypes & testing with customers to obtain feedback
- Integrate innovation goals with business goals
- leaders to play a major role in creating a open culture, make connections & collaborate.

Have a look


Source: Youtube (video), Google image (picture)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Purchasing AIR time

All right everybody.......     

One of the tools of Design is to Cross Pollinate which means integrating diverse functions of various disciplines to come up with new services & products.

 Based on same principal, one such service has been launched by South African Airtime Airlines.

 Integrating the concept of Top up or Mobile recharge with air ticketing process the company is offering a service to purchase pre paid top ups of flying minutes which can be used/traded to book tickets from mobile within 90 days.

 The company is offering flights to three routes Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg each with their own flying minutes.

 More Info:




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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Workshop : Innovation Toolkit

Hi Everyone

ElephantVersity Institute of Innovation is Organising a One day Workshop (Jan 14, 2009 in Pune, India) on- Innovation Toolkit being Facilitated by Zachary Jean Paradis of Sapient, U.S.A.

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the innovation process and is intended to show how select specific modes and frameworks work together to generate new ideas, opportunities, and strategic roadmaps. 
The sessions will cover the full range of the innovation process from understanding users, context, framing insights and exploring concepts to frame solutions and realize offerings. Useful tools and frameworks that support various modes in the innovation process will be introduced.

About Zachary Jean Paradis:  Zachary Jean Paradis is Experience Strategist with the design and technology consultancy Sapient and Adjunct Faculty at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design.

Fees: Rs. 2000

Contact Information for Workshop: +91 – 9921378687 or mail


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hi everyone

two events are going to happen soon.

1. Idea Camp is being organised on 17th Jan 2009 in Pune which is a self-organized gathering to share ideas and see them shape by applying divergent thinking. The objective of the camp is to get people from different roles like designers, entrepreneurs, financers, creative minds, technology evangelists, product managers and marketers together to bandy ideas from everyone’s viewpoint.

2. International Conference on engineering Design at Stanford is happening at Stanford university in August 2009. They have called in for Papers related to design thinking due to be 
submitted by 15 Jan 2009. 



Sunday, January 4, 2009

JPG Shutting Down

Read news about JPG magazine shutting down (Robert Scoble & Amit also posted a while back on their blogs). 

Why JPG is being shut down?

A magazine based on the Trend of generating data from readers or Crowd Sourcing.

What went wrong & why it is forced to shut & can there be a possible idea. 

Will be writing in soon about the same.